Join us for an evening of networking, collaboration and inspiration.

When and where

Date and time

Wednesday, June 14 · 7:30 - 11pm WAT


Avant Garde By Soul Chow 1 Polo Road Lagos, LA 106104 Nigeria

About this event

Join us for an evening of networking, collaboration, and inspiration at WEB3 CONNECT LAGOS" This event is in partnership with Afropolitan & NODO, Kepple African Ventures and VLA is designed to bring together the brightest minds and visionary leaders from the Afropolitan community.

  • Date: Wednesday, June 14th
  • Time: 7:30 PM
  • Venue: Avante Garde, 1 Polo Road, Ikoyi 10614

Whether you are a creative artist, an innovative founder, or an aspiring investor, this event is the perfect platform to connect, exchange ideas, and explore new opportunities. Expand your network, forge valuable connections, and build meaningful relationships with like-minded individuals who are shaping the future of business and creativity.

During the mixer, you'll have the opportunity to engage in stimulating conversations, share your experiences, and gain insights from industry experts. Discover potential collaborators, find mentors, and unlock new pathways for growth and success in your respective fields.

We look forward to seeing you there!


Afropolitan is a private network that aims to connect the best of what Africa and its diaspora have to offer in various fields, including art, finance, tech, health, energy, sports, and media. The network serves as a curator of African talent, culture, and capital, and will help to connect people, ideas, and resources in order to enable all Africans to build abundant lives. The network will provide opportunities for talent to be recruited and partnered with, for culture to be shared and celebrated, and for capital to be invested in projects and initiatives that can benefit the broader African community. While we may be a network today, our goal is to build the first ever internet country.


NODO is the pan-African Web3 discovery and news platform with a vision to inform and educate consumers on the latest Web3 products and services being developed across fifty-five countries within the African continent. NODO features two major product lines: NODO Discovery as the pan-African portal to discover Web3 projects and NODO News for Web3 knowledge and literacy. The platform is designed to foster awareness, development, and adoption of African Web3 projects. Official website: https://nodo.xyz


Established in 2018, Kepple Africa Ventures is a venture capital firm investing in African startups toward its mission of “creating new industries from Africa.” In 2022, Kepple created a new joint venture “Emurgo Kepple Ventures” to invest in web3 startups in Africa. We aim to accelerate this transformation by creating more collaboration and synergies between Web2 and Web3 startups and catalyzing the capital flow from conventional businesses and financial institutions to Web3 startups in Africa.


VeryLongAnimals (VLA) is an art NFT project started in Japan, selling long-faced animals as NFTs and creating enjoyable entertainment. We run the community by open guidelines for secondary creation and introducing potato tokens to send thanks to each other with an operation focused on community rather than speculation. VLA has 20+ games, 300 NFT collections, music, manga, anime, and drama.