NODO Launches Product Community: New Marketing & Publicity Channels for Web3 Project Builders & Experts in the Pan-African Tech Ecosystem

NODO Launches Product Community: New Marketing & Publicity Channels for Web3 Project Builders & Experts in the Pan-African Tech Ecosystem

NODO, the premier pan-African Web3 news & discovery platform, is pleased to announce its new Product Community aimed at fostering collaboration and empowering product makers, experts, and the blockchain community.

Partnership for Product Launches

NODO’s Product Community page opens the door for closer collaboration with Web3 projects, builders, and developers during product announcements and launches. Through this partnership, companies will be encouraged to work closely with NODO to build and engage and generate valuable marketing publicity.

By linking their products with NODO, companies make announcements on their product launches, enabling the Experts to review the product and verify community posts and updates. Furthermore, user feedback will be obtained through commenting and upvoting, enabling companies to gather valuable insights from the community. Experts are Web3 professionals, VCs, accelerators, and industry leaders who are thought leaders with strong reputations, so getting your product reviewed by them will greatly enhance your credibility.

Product Posts: New Educational Content & Press Release Avenues

NODO recognizes the challenges faced by early-stage and medium-stage companies focused on go-to-market strategies, particularly when it comes to media training and visibility. As part of its Education & Product Partnership Strategy, NODO will provide a platform for companies to release powerful press releases, thereby increasing their visibility and attracting international media publications. This will serve as a mark of verification for fundraising campaigns and future marketing endeavors.

Product Makers on NODO has a unique Maker SBT badge which verifies their expertise as a Web3 builder, and Makers can publish posts on their Product Community page such as newsletters, advertising copy, product release launch, or even rebranding announcements. This incentivizes community members to follow your Product Community page to get the latest official updates, engage directly with the product makers, and even spend on the platform. Compared to traditional channels where there is brand dilution and low barriers of spam, NODO empowers you to access real end users and gather strong feedback about your product. You can apply to be a NODO Maker here.

“We are thrilled to announce our NODO Product Community, which brings together industry-leading companies and the NODO platform,” said Shogo Ishida, Executive Director at NODO. “Through this initiative, we aim to empower product makers, facilitate collaboration, and provide valuable educational content to our partners. This will further strengthen the Web3 community and its impact on a global scale.”

Incentives for Product Experts

NODO’s Product Community extends beyond companies to include Web3 experts seeking enhanced visibility and authority. By publicly listing their profiles on NODO’s website, experts will establish themselves as thought leaders in the Web3 community, increasing their recognition and credibility within their respective fields.

On top of expert posts and reviews on NODO Product Community pages, we will offer experts guest writing opportunities on NODO News, enabling them to showcase their expertise and build social media as well as intellectual credibility through major opinion pieces. You can apply to be a NODO Expert here.

Incentives for Blockchain Communities

NODO recognizes the importance of fostering localized connections and reaching the Pan-African community. As part of its Education & Product Partnership Strategy, NODO will serve as the entry point for international blockchains to interact with their first African community members, facilitating feedback and engagement through Product Community features such as upvotes, posting, and reviews.

We also invite Web3 creatives, marketers, and professionals to create their own Web3 content on the NODO platform including short and long-form posts and articles as well as graphic designs. This is called the “NODO Content Fellow Program” and you can learn more about it and apply here.

Furthermore, NODO will establish special listings of blockchain projects on its Product Community, creating valuable partnerships with over 200+ Product Makers in the Web3 space. Additionally, NODO will onboard blockchain community managers as leaders, ensuring a seamless integration into the Web3 ecosystem.

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NODO GRANTS: If you are a Web3 maker in Africa or simply an aspiring Web3 entrepreneur with a great idea, learn more about NODO GRANTS and apply here.

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About NODO

NODO is the pan-African Web3 news & product community platform with a vision to inform, educate, and enable access for consumers to the latest Web3 products and services being developed across fifty-five countries within the African continent. Our platform is designed to foster awareness, development, and adoption of African Web3 projects, with NOD Product Community as the pan-African community platform to engage, grow and build Web3 projects, NODO News for Web3 knowledge and literacy, and NODO Grants to financially support and grow ventures in the pan-African ecosystem.

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